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Saved and the City is the hot new talk show that will candidly explore issues and topics from church culture to world culture and everything in between through a series of open discussions, themed segments, local and celebrity guests, as well as expert features. Each show will end with the solution for the shows themed problem delivered by the host, Iberia. 


Iberia is the founder and creator of the Saved and the City brand and Talk Show.   With her background in music, entertainment, psychology and marketing she uses her intellectual and creative strengths to unify leaders in an effort to build the Kingdom of God.   She is dynamic, funny, beautiful and smart. Her light-hearted charisma makes way for opportunity to tackle the hard issues many skirt around in the church.   Although finding solutions to everyday problems is one of the major goal of the Saved and the City Talk Show, Iberia insist on having fun in the interim!  Laughter is medicine to the soul and Iberia is sure to pack plenty of smiles into each episode

To provide Kingdom solutions to real world issues through candid discussions on a talk show platform designed to empower, improve, and inspire people to live a more enriching life.




To create a culture of people who challenge the current world agenda by unapologetically upholding the standards of the Word of God and dominating in every major area of influence including, business, education, arts & entertainment, politics, religion, and health.

Foundation Scriptures
Matthew 5:14    Joshua 8:7

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